Finished 3D printing two more mouthpieces for the tubes.

Also started working on casting.  Started with pewter which has a lower melting temperature (>600 deg F) which wasn’t hot enough to burn off the plastic of the 3D printed bell.  Tried another method that used the plastic bell to create a shape in the sand and then used the bell offset up a little to create a cavity.  Unfortunately the metal flowed through a small hole in the bell to end up inside and outside the bell.  The plastic still didn’t melt away but the bounds between the layers of the print broke apart when trying to separate it from the bell.  There are two more printed bells, but they were still at school so we will have to try this again with the higher temperature metal.

Traced a tuning fork shape in the sand and cast it with pewter.  It does ring some when hit.  With a better shape it should work okay.

Also cut down scrap metal obtained from St. James bell tower that appears to be brass.  This melts at a much higher temperature ( >1900 deg F).  This should be hot enough to burn away the plastic in the future.  Cast two rough shaped tuning forks using this metal.  One rings okay.  The other one doesn’t ring much – probably due to the short handle which makes it hard to hold without damping out the vibrations.