Got second of clarinet-sax – cylinder-cone test pieces off 3D printer. Also started printing two more parts of the set up.  The cone and cylinder with a tiny cone at the end had a different tone and note when played.  Once the remaining 6 parts are completed they will be recorded and analyzed to compare the fundamental frequency and harmonic present.

The top of each piece of the printer has had excess plastic on them when coming off the printer so we may need to shorten the pieces slightly if we print a new set since the printer seems to be running out of room while printing.

Continued working on large djembe.  Taped up the two rings for the drum head and put string on top ring.  Also sanded lip of top of drum to round off the outer edge.

Modified “box” ukulele to make neck stronger and laser cut 4 copies to allow others to make simple ukuleles to test out getting others down into the idea lab to build instruments.