August 3

Worked on CADing up files to 3D print to test out the concept of how the cylindrical vs. conical percentages of a tube change the harmonics present.  This is to test out the differences that we saw as we made our wooden “clarinet” longer without changing the conical length at the beginning of the summer.  We got changes in the note and ease of playing the note that we didn’t expect.  ClarinetSaxModels.jpg

These will be 3D printed and tested.  The saxophone like mouthpiece is designed to slide onto each of these shapes.  This also will be a nice way to show students how the shape changes the sound of an instrument if it works well.

Here is an image from a book on the physics of music that relates the relative length of the conical divided by the overall length to the harmonic frequencies produced.


(page from The Physics of Musical Instruments by Neville Fletcher and Thomas Rossing)