Worked on second ukulele more to perfect some of the details and to get more detailed photos for the Instructable building instructions.

The burned wood from the 1/2″ pine plywood made it more difficult to get the front and back plate to attach since the glue did not hold to the charred regions as well.   Etched physics of sound related images into the front and back panels for this ukulele.

Also created template for form for body of classical guitar based on ukulele design and cut a number of pieces for it and put together part of another ukulele form.  We will need more 1/2″ wood to complete the forms.

Also created files and started cutting out circles to make a 20+” djembe since this will be helpful to have for presentations about the project.  Still haven’t done the casting part of the project, but hopefully can do this towards the end of August.

Spent time cleaning up everything in the Idea Lab and getting stuff put away on shelves to get ready for the fall.