July 29, 2016

Worked on the bell for the trombone more.  The first bell finished printing and fits nicely on the PVC pipe and plays well.  The bell is ~0.5 cm wide and the size of a trumpet bell.  A larger, thinner (0.3 cm) bell was created that will be close to the size of a trombone bell.  The size had to be slightly reduced due to the printers size constraints (~20 cm wide).

Continued working on the tenor ukulele.  Took clamps off the body and sanded down the edge where the neck will go.  Cut out pieces for the neck and a fret board (which is fairly narrow  compared to some but followed measurements from one drawing of a tenor ukulele).  The neck was glued together in a similar way to the electric guitar, but the fret board was cut out of a width-wise sheet of plywood to make it smoother and to allow for the use of a pre-made fret board in the future if desired.

Mounted neck to body using glue and screws.  The part where it attaches to the body should be sloped slightly to angle the neck towards the back since it is slightly angled towards the front which makes it give a little more easily to the tension in the strings.  The neck and headstock were sanded down to round off corners and get rid of most of the burned wood.

Mounted bridge,  nut,and tuning pegs.  The bridge and nut were made from a hardwood dowel.  The tuning pegs would work better if the headstock was a little thinner since they don’t stick through quite enough.  The nut will need slots for the strings added to hold the strings in a better position.  A paper clip was used to feed the zipties through to hold the bridge in place.   The easiest way to do this is to slip the small loop in the paper clip inside the ukulele and under the other hole so the ziptie can be threaded through it more easily.  Putting a flashlight up against the sound hole makes it easier to see the paper clip to get it in position.  Markings for the position of the bridge should be added to the Inkscape file to allow more easy alignment.

The ukulele has a good sound.  The strings are a little tight together but that will be fixed with grooves in the nut.  The ukulele is not staying in tune.  The string may be slipping at the bridge or tuning pegs (though these pegs are a better design to prevent slipping).  Also the nut and neck may be giving a little under the tension.  This will be played with more in the future to try to fix the problem.