Continued working on the bell for the trombone.  It didn’t print properly last night due the filament getting jammed on the reel.  The current bell flares out to approximately the size of a trumpet bell and is about 1/2 cm thick.  It will be worth trying to make this thinner in the future to see how it effects resonance of the bell.

Also worked on getting the ukulele body shaped and glued together.  Cut supports for the top and bottom and smaller supports spread through out to hold the top and bottom on more securely.  The walls were held in place for this by putting them inside the pieces left over from cutting the forms.  This required cutting a small piece off to shorten the boards to get a tight fit.  Clamps were required to pull the sides in under the top and bottom when they were attached.  There is a slight overhang in places that will need to be sanded off once the glue is dry.  Will begin working on the neck and bridge tomorrow.