July 21, 2016

We worked on the Native American Flute more. The original flutes were done with PVC so we tried to switch over to wood.  A variety of techniques of creating a suitable tube from a solid cylinder of wood were tried.  Drilling down the middle can be used to create tubes up to about 12″ long, but longer drill bits are necessary to create a full sized flute.  The wood had a tendency to shatter in the center as the final part of the cut was completed.

We considered using a router to create a groove after cutting the wood in half, but the hope is to come up with a process that students can complete themselves with the equipment available in the Idea Lab.  Cutting all the way through the dowel with the laser cutter caused too much scorching to have a useable piece so instead the laser cutter was used to etch a line to follow on the band saw.  The two halves were then placed in the laser cutter to etch a groove down the middle.  The cutter was set to higher power in the center and lower power towards the edge to create a groove varying depth.  A sanding bit on the Dremel was then used to clean up the groove.  Before glueing the halves back together we will add the “sound hole” and fingering holes.