July 12, 2016

The 44 hour Trombone Bell is still 3d printing…continued work on the Native American flute:




Continued work on the Head End of a Native American flute

Image result for parts of a native american flute

So far the most difficult aspect has been the sound holes on either side.

The initial block was also too large in respect to the raster engraved air column. (using 30% power at 100% speed)

I knew I needed to create a thing airstream to travel across the pipe to the next hole so attempted something I saw online.

I took a piece of 1″ pipe , cut it down to size and then cut a slit in the pipe so I could slide it down the 3/4 inch pipe.  It worked and was much easier.

I now need to focus on getting the 45 degree angle and getting the square hole cleaned up.

Additionally going to focus on the tone holes.  I understand the sound quality will not be the best, but am going to get additional files to help me make the 45 degree angle correct as well as to get the tone holes precise.