July 7, 2016

The neck for the Les Paul style electric guitar was created by cutting out 1/2″ thick slices that were the shaped to the side view dimensions of neck.  Notches were placed for the fret positions and for the plastic piece to hold the strings above the neck.  A groove was etched into the center to pieces and cleaned out using the Dremel to hold a 5/8″ steel threaded rod to help prevent flexing of the neck under the tension of the steel strings.

These pieces were glued together.  Supports were also cut out to hold these pieces flat so that the shape of the guitar neck (from the top view) could be cut through the neck.  Some burning of the side of the neck occurred during this cutting process and had to be cleaned up some with the palm sander and band saw.  The holes for the tuning pegs where drilled with a hand drill and widened using a carving bit on the Dremel.

All of the silhouette shapes were first cut out of cardboard like the guitar body to allow for rescaling of the design file before the final cut.  The neck design files were created in Inkscape.