July 5, 2016

Pbone With Mr. Ford:

image3With the holiday over back to working on the jig for the PVC Bend.  Attempts were made to file out the needed groove in the puck to allow the pvc pipe to rest in solidly, but could not get a file that seemed to work to create the groove.  This is something that in the future will definitely need to be included as the pipe bending did not go completely as expected, but that will be later.




image2Pipe Bending:

Bending the PVC was interesting process.  The tube was filled with sand first and then heated with a heat gun.  I think I was definitely nervous of breaking the PVC so at first I didn’t heat the tube as much as I could of, which only lasted a short time as I got more confident.


Although the tube did bend I really did not like the bend I achieved.  I was more interested in a solid clean bend to the pipe and believe it was based on the 2 x 4 piece I attached as well as not having the groove in the puck.  If I would of had the 2×4 closer I may have been able to move the pipe between the two pieces easier and made a more solid bend.  Definitely feel this is a 2 person task as well.  Heating and bending did get a little time consuming but the tube did make a characteristic shape.

Tone Creation:

This is where I am curious of whats going to happen.  Trying to find 1/4 rigid PVC is difficult, and sanding down 1/2 inch PVC to 1/4 inch can be time consuming and the plastic dust/shards do not make me feel comfortable.  Using a little more flimsy material in PEX I could find a 1/4 inch tube.  Both the slide and the tubes that go into the slide need to be attached to each other in some way.  The slide was attached with 1′ Pvc that was grooved out with a Dremmel and then duct taped to the bent tube.  (reality is that the use of different pvc pipe components could of been used to attach the slide but I was too excited to get started to see if things were working)

Cutting the PEX a little bit longer than the slide will hopefully give me a method in which to combine the PEX later as I start to formulate the bell and crook on the back of the Pbone.    Seems to make a tone, but need to 3d print a smaller mouthpiece shaft with a larger, trombone cup on it to get the tone the way I want it.  After speaking with Mr. Clarke we determined we need to have a stopper or some device to keep the sound/air from escaping around the outside of the PEX.  Although its tighter than before it is not ideal to the overall sound of the trombone.

Next Step: Creation of the Back end of the instrument including the bell and the POSSIBLE tuning slide on the end.  Trying to determine how the PEX will attach to the PVC on the back may be a problem as well.