July 1, 2016

Pbone with Mr. Ford:  Continued thinking through the use of PVC to create a trombone.  Finding the biggest issues are going to be the inner pipe and outer pipe for the slide.  Basically the attempt is to create the slide first and then the bell attachment on the back, similar to a standard trombone set up.  Finding the most significant issue is melting the pvc enough for a 3/4 pipe to fit around a 1/2 pipe.  The interior diameter difference to fit both is so minimal, but the problem is taking a heat gun to the exterior pipe and forming it using a 1/2 pipe.  Finding that the difficulty in removing the 1/2 inch pipe when heating can be tough and also am not getting a straight tube for the slide.  Considering using a metal pipe from hardware store next week to determine of the metal, with maybe some lubricant, will make the slide more workable.

image5Continued work on the jig for pipe bending as well.  Basically took the Raster cutting featured on the Laser Cutter and was able to cut multiple circles to create the puck for the jig.  With this we can attach the puck to a piece of plywood as well as a 2 x 4 stopper to make the angle true for the end of the slide.  Considering the same process for the back of the trombone (usual tuning slide area) but unsure if want to make a true slide of the back to make the instrument more tunable.


Electric Guitar with Mr. Clarke:

Modified measurements from cardboard cutouts to create plywood layers for guitar body.  One top layer of 1/8″ plywood, one middle layer of 1/2″ plywood, and one back layer of 1/2″ plywood (need to add another middle layer and a few thin pieces at neck connection to get neck at correct height creative to body.)