June 27, 2016

Today was our first day of creating tutorials for creation of the Djembe.  We had created a wooden base for the instrument with the laser cutter and basic Elmers Glue last week, but now we were able to stretch the goat skin head across the base.

The use of zip ties over string seemed to be much more effective in tension for the drum head.  Although the head was untunable the tension created a characteristic tone that was much more interesting than that of the prototype.  Although we have bigger drum heads we are unsure if the thickness of the wood we are using now is good enough for the drums.  We are looking into 1/2 inch plywood glued together to start another drum.

We also had a chance to try the trumpet and alto sax mouthpiece that Corey made for us.  THe trumpet mouthpiece actually had exceptional resonance and ease of play was remarkable.  The alto sax mouthpiece though was more difficult to play, mainly because of the thin walls of the bite area on the mouthpiece.  The bend on the thinner part of the resin would limit the vibration of the reed, causing tone tones to stop.

Next steps:  Casting, PVC Trombones (w bell variations to test the change in horn), Tubes with holes to mirror woodwinds, creation of Tutorials for Yukelele construction.