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Today we continued work on the clarinet attempt.  We attempted to make adjustments to the tube with a clarinet mouthpiece and reed by enlarging the bell.  Although our tone production was much better, we could not determine the change in the pitch that was happening with the short tube.

But in our research we, completely by accident, discovered that if we insert PVC pipe into the cylinder we created for the clarinet, we could produce a make shift trombone. Mr. Clarke Plays the Trombone

The tone was rich with the large bell and we only used the end of the PVC tube as a mouthpiece for us to buzz our lips.  Mr. Clarke was able to adjust the pitch significantly through use of moving the slide in and out of the tube.  This way we could create characteristic tones on the instrument.  The longer the PVC pipe though greatly effected the tone color (“timbre”) due to the amount of tube that was INSIDE the bell.